Patient's rights

Patients have the right to be treated with respect and dignity

Patients have the right to PRIVACY during their treatment in the hospital

Patients have the right to participate and know all the requirements with regards to admission and discharge process

Patients have the right to get a safe, clean and private environment and free from all types of abuse, harassment or indiscretion

Patients have right to know the identity and professional status of medical professional providing services and care

Patients have right to get information from Consultant (Treating doctor) in their best understanding language regarding diagnosis, treatment options with their risk, benefits, outcomes, prognosis, or consequences

Patients have right to take second opinion at their own expense

Patients have right to expect that all records pertaining to their care are confidential to the extent permitted or required by law

Patients have right to access reasonable continuity of care following hospitalization (post discharge)

Patients have right to know the cost involved for their treatment

Patients have the right to receive all information necessary to sign an Informed Consent prior to the start of any procedure and/or treatment, except in emergencies where their lives or health may be in serious danger

Patients have the right to refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law and to be informed of the medical consequences of their actions

Patients have the right to complain about their health care provider

Patients have the right to offer suggestions for changes in policies and procedures

Patient's Responsibilities

Patients have to adhere to rules and regulations of the hospital while inside the hospital campus

Patients are expected to behave in appropriate manner and treat everyone with respect- this includes hospital staff, other patients and their relatives

Patients are responsible to provide accurate information on present and past illnesses, hospitalizations, medical and other healthcare information to receive appropriate treatment and diagnosis

Patients are responsible to follow treatment written by consultant (treating doctor) or accept consequences of refusing treatment

Patients are responsible to be on time for their appointments with respective doctor

Patients have to take care of hospital properties and not damage/spoil any area/part of the hospital

Patients should not indulge in any activities which are against the rules and policies of the hospital, e.g. Smoking, Chewing of Tobacco, Gutka and Pan Masala, bringing banned substances like Alcohol, Narcotics, etc.

Patients are responsible for making payment at regular basis for hospital services during hospitalization and final settlement at the time of discharge

Patients are responsible for the safety of their belongings like jewellery, valuables, electronic gadgets etc. The hospital will not be responsible for theft or loss if any. In case of emergency / special situation you can submit your valuables to allocated person only in the presence of security after checking their ID

Food from outside is not allowed inside the hospital premises

Spitting is strictly prohibited inside the hospital premises. Anybody found spitting will be fined Rs. 500