Orthopaedic hospital for Bone & Joint Care in Nadiad Orthopaedic hospital for Bone & Joint Care in Nadiad

Orthopaedic Hospital in Nadiad : Bone and Joint Care Centre

We Offers specialised treatment for bone and joint problems, including joint replacements, spine surgeries, and sports injuries.

General bone(s) fractures usually do not necessitate any procedure or thorough surgery. In most instances, bone(s) fractures can be treated using non-treasurgical methods. If you are searching for information about your spinal cord pain, have recently sustained an injury, or are experiencing problems with your knee pain, come and meet specialists at Sanjay Hospital. Our clinic's experts will provide you with perfect and accurate therapy. We treat patients from all ages and professions. Our team of doctors offers accurate analysis and treatment. With years of experience and expertise they help in finding best solutions for the patients. The focus is overall wellbeing and faster recovery.

Key Orthopaedic treatments include:
  • Foot, ankle, hand and wrist treatment
  • Hip replacement.
  • Knee joint operation
  • Fractures and sprains
  • Operative procedures using IITV
  • Waist Diseases
  • Polio treatment of polio
  • Shoulder and Knee operation
Our expertise include:

  • Accurate Analysis & Diagnosis
  • Treatment with precise medication
  • Injections, bracing, casting, surgery, or other appropriate possibilities
  • Rehabilitation or physical therapy to repair strength and movement
  • Prevention with precise information
  • Treatment strategies to avoid injury
  • Surgical and non-surgical intervention

With proper treatment and advice we help our patients lead pain-free and happy lives. We help them resume their daily work and workout regimen with accurate medical advice and support.